Coronavirus and China’s struggles

Coronavirus and China’s struggles


February 9, 2020



The death toll of Coronavirus in China has raised up to 908 with 37290 confirmed cases and 28942 suspects.

The death toll has outnumber the number of those who were died with SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) that fears to be infected with coronavirus is dynamically increasing. When the world is facing SARS in 2002 – 2003, there were 774 death.

There were over 288 person infected with coronavirus, outside of China and spread to over two dozens of countries, including Thailand, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Hongkong, Japan, France, Australia and The United States.

WHO has warned the coronavirus, the global emergency, and suggested not to restrict the travels and trade in act of panic, on the other hand.

However, many countries which experienced the deadly SARS, reacted quickly to control the epidemic by restricting the travel to China and suspended the flights to and from China.

In Singapore, the orange alert was announced after 28 were tested positive and number of suspects exceed over 50 and social panic has resulted the empty shelves in every convenience stores and mall across the country.

The confirmation of human-to-human transmission, the rapid rate of spread and the possibilities of infection during the window period has fear the world, especially to the neighbouring countries.

Moreover, the lack of transparency and lack if freedom of speech in China has derived more worries of the international community, as the virus was already found in Wuhan, China, since December.

However, since the coronavirus outbreak was announced by the Chinese authorities, the world has reacted quickly to tackle the epidemic.

Chinese authorities are also acting quickly that they have built a hospital within 2 weeks to treat the patients as one of the efforts. The Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) also announced the information and data about the coronavirus affected patients every day.

Chinese authorities also practiced travel banned in the country, and has locked down Wuhan and nearby cities to control the virus spread.

In Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus, the Chinese authorities are currently doing the home inspections, screening the temperatures of locals an observing the symptoms and if suspects were found, they were quarantine at the facility.

The NHC said most of the person who died due to coronavirus are the elders and some are weak for they are already suffering chronic diseases.

According to NHC, there also are over 2900 who recovered from the infection and being discharged from the hospital.

For the three Burmese students remained in Wuhan, all of them are now in good health and all the necessary things were being arranged, according to Myanmar Embassy in Beijing. The embassy also said that the evacuation of the remaining three person is also negotiating with Chinese authorities.

Chinese authorities in Yunnan province also collaborate with Myanmar authorities for the return of the Burmese Migrant workers working in Yunan states and wants to be home in fear of the coronavirus.

Hundreds of Burmese migrant workers were being returned through Ruili-Muse border check points in the past week.

Chinese authorities in Ruili also send the letter of alert for the suspects who possibly travelling in Myanmar to be cautious and to located them in order to control the virus spread.

After Burmese evacuees from Wuhan arrived safely with the collaboration of the two countries, thank you notes to both Chinese and Myanmar government were widely distributed over the social media of the locals and families of the evacuated students.

Myanmar president U Win Myint has sent the letter of encouragement to Chinese government, praising the efforts and showing his support to China’s struggle. Myanmar’s state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi lead government is also donating rice for the virus-hit China.

For Myanmar, it is always has to accept some supports from China, however, when China, its biggest neighboring country is struggling and showing some supports is showing the close ties between the two country.

United Nations Children’s Fund and the other countries – Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Phillipines, Japan, Britain, France, Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Iran and Belarus – also donated protective and medical supplies to China.

On the other hand, Chinese authorities were being criticized for delay in announcing the coronavirus outbreak, as the critics pointed out the whistle blower doctor who warned about the virus since December.

However, the efforts of the NHC and Chinese authorities after the coronavirus outbreak are remarkably changed since mid-January after the announcement.

Chinese authorities has allowed the US scientists and experts to land in their country in order to tackle the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the NHC is updating the daily information about the patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised the efforts of China and welcomed the cooperation for the struggles. The international communities are also welcoming the quick flow of information of China.

The coronavirus outbreak has effect the economic and trade of China. For Myanmar, its biggest business and trade partner’s struggles is also create great effects on its economy, especially on border trade and gems trade.

To look from the bright sight, despite the struggles the coronavirus bring, Chinese government’s efforts to treat, control and prevent the virus with faster and yet transparent information are remarkable as the international community is watching over China.


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