Chinese president Xi Jinping is going to visit Myanmar soon



Chinese president Xi Jinping is going to visit Myanmar January 17 -2020, when the two country is about to celebrate 70 years of close relationship. His visit is coincident with the hardship, Myanmar is facing internationally and internally, including the genocide lawsuit at ICJ. Voice Of Myanmar’s editor Ko Aung Htoo Naing meet with U Maung Maung Soe, political analysis, asking for his opinions on China-Myanmar relationship.



VOM: So, do you think the OBOR project will meet the agreements in this period of the current governance, or not?


UMMS: It might happen to the next term of the governance.


VOM: If there were Sanctions from western community, can Myanmar overcome the influence of China?


UMMS: We don’t need to rely completely on China. We also have India, Japan and Korea. We will not have the situation that has to depend only on China. For example, we have big investment project such as Thilawa industrial zone, from Japan, which value about 1.4 billion dollars. There also are automotive production plants from Suzuki. The Kyaukphyu SEZ project of China is about 1.3 billion dollars, but there were no investment invested in that project, yet.

We have to say Japan has invested more than China and the projects are on their way.

So, in this situation, we can move forward with these four countries even if there were the western’s sanctions.


VOM: Do you think Myanmar need to open more to the western countries to explain more about the internal affairs and the political situation?


UMMS: The government should allowed the media, both international and locals, to go to the conflict area to access the reality and ground situation. That is not only to Rakhine. To all of the conflict area across the country. Giving free access to the reality and ground situation, there will be no more doubts and rights to information and freedom of press will benefit the country.


VOM: What is your opinion on the lead of the State Counselor to ICJ.

UMMS: Gambia sued Myanmar at ICJ, that the government and the leaders has to defend the country. There are many decades long conflicts between the military and ethnic arms group, that, many locals and ethnic people are suffering. There are no unity yet in the country that it is a bit difficult to face the international community.


VOM: Do you think the cease fire agreements really work?

UMMS: The announcements of the government or the ethnic arms group didn’t work. Those are just for show. If they really want to do for cease fire and peace, all of the institution need to discuss openly and decisively about the ground situation.


VOM: In which role China plays its role to influence on the peace process of the country?

UMMS: China can do only as the negotiator between the institutions. The person responsible to stop the conflict is the military and the ethnic arms groups. If they can’t built trust and if there were no agreements meet, the conflicts will never end and it will be worse.


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